Hinged bow makes a solo violin sound like a full string quartet

Hinged Bow for violin and fiddle players
Charlie McCarthy and his ‘hinged bow’

Ever wanted to play several string instruments at once? Well, now you (kind of) can…

An Australian bow-maker has developed a hinged bow, allowing solo violinists to play several strings at once.

Also known as the Polycorde Bow, it comes some 500 years after the first violin was made in Italy during the 16th century.

Since a violin bridge is curved, violinists can usually adjust the angle of a regular bow to play either single notes on one string or two strings at once.

Now, Charlie McCarthy’s new, curved bow enables solo string players to more easily play four-note chords – or five, if you’re playing a five-string instrument like McCarthy is (watch video below).

Read more and see the video here…

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