Golden Fiddle Award Chairman - violin and fiddle showcase
The annual address

Through a friendship with a leading Tasmanian engineer and inventor, David Sugden, and encouraged by rave reviews from serious world class violinists, Mark took on the development and marketing of the Epoch violin, now recognised as the first major improvement in strings technology in 400 years. He has showcased the technology at the big music exhibitions in the USA, Italy and Australia and now, with the input from an elite team of R & D specialists, sound engineers and craftsmen in his factory in Ormeau, Queensland, he produces a dazzling array of strings, from the quarter size student acoustic violin to the now famed five string professional electric, the viola, cello and double bass, with its multiple sound outputs to suit different playing styles.

Most of Australia’s top stage players now recognise Epoch as the most inspiring and stable stage instrument because of its robust construction and bold sound reproduction.In his other life, Mark and his SuperCool Group of Companies import refrigeration and automotive air conditioning parts and technologies and wholesale throughout Australia. He is a recognised expert in vehicle air conditioning and sits on several national boards which administer and influence governments on skills programs, refrigerant and environmental legislation.