GoFundMe Campaign is up and running….


The GOLDEN FIDDLE AWARDS mission is to administer the first national awards system for string players embracing all musical styles for players, composers and teachers of classical, folk, rock, jazz, punk, Celtic, country, alternative and bluegrass.

We have brought smiles to thousands of faces, created some beautiful musical moments and awarded some brilliant fiddlers and violinists with our unique ‘crystal’ fiddle scroll trophy.  All archived on our website at www.goldenfiddleawards.org.au

However, after almost 2 decades of little funding past our single awards concert during the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival, we wanted to expand; we wanted to do more as outlined below.

*  Free online fiddle lessons for beginners (more advanced optional)
*  A free PDF for beginners to accompany their online lessons
*  A searchable database of teachers Australia wide
*  A searchable database of fiddlers Australia wide
*  A searchable database of violinists Australia wide

(A SE QLD teachers DB demo version is available on the site after registering)

Then came COVID19.  This insidious virus has regrettably caused the cancellation of our aforementioned single funding event.

With the wealth of knowledge we have gained over almost 2 decades and with world class musicians at hand we still intended to expand our footprint during 2021, this can only be done, of course, by networking.  We need to send our representatives to various connected events to garner support and possibly more funding for what we wish to do.

One of our new ventures, as an example, will be to give donated violins to under-privileged, distant and remote children.  With internet being available, we can then teach them remotely via lessons on our site.

All of this requires funds, hence this quest.  We need to supplement the income from our January concert loss to even begin to make a move towards our intended new goals as outlined above.

Any donation above $100 will get a free LIVE CD of some of the amazing music.


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